• Community Engagement

    Our core focus is to mobilise, engage and help local communities learn about how climate change affects them...

  • Capacity Development

    Our workshops are conducted in local languages in a bid to build the capacity of community members...

  • Policy and Advocacy

    We inform policy through evidence-based research & documentation and leverage advocacy strategies...

Who are we?

We're not just an initiative; we're a movement, a force of change. At Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth (SSforGG): a CAC-registered non-profit organization, our mission is clear: we're on a relentless quest to find sustainable solutions to the pressing climate crisis and to champion grassroots sustainability. With innovation as our compass, technology as our toolkit, policy advocacy as our megaphone, and community support as our backbone, we are igniting a revolution in local communities across the world.


Years of Green Experience

We are for everyone

We relentlessly seek sustainable solutions, champion grassroots sustainability, and ignite a global community revolution.

Azeez Abubakar - Founder and Executive Director

We serve and Focus on


Empowering the next generation as leaders and advocates for a sustainable future.

Women & Girls

Promoting gender equality in sustainability initiatives and empowering women and girls to drive change.


Ensuring equitable access to resources and solutions, prioritizing vulnerable populations.

Climate Education & Awareness

Educating communities about climate science, impacts, and solutions to foster informed decision-making.

Climate & Environmental Justice

Advocating for fair and equitable distribution of climate and environmental sustainability benefits and burdens.

Adaptation, Resilience, and Loss and Damage

Developing strategies to help communities adapt to a changing climate, build resilience, and address the impacts and losses.

Join the Community

Trusted by over 1,000 community members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are FAQs to help you familiarise yourself with us and how you can be part of the movement.

Climate change: Earth's call for urgent action as temperatures rise and weather patterns shift.
To get involved with our SSforGG, you can volunteer your time and skills to support our initiatives and projects. You also have the option to donate funds to our cause, provide in-kind support with goods or services, or offer technical expertise to assist with our sustainable solutions. By getting involved, you will be contributing to our global sustainability efforts.
Thank you for your interest. You can reach out to us via email at partnerships@ssforgg.org
For media enquiries, email media@ssforgg.org
We can end the climate crisis through innovation, collaboration, and unwavering determination – because our planet's future is worth fighting for.

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We're just a message away! Contact us with your inquiries or concerns anytime, and we'll respond promptly.

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