SSforGG empowers young people and vulnerable communities to build climate resilience

Young women from diverse backgrounds have been trained on ways to combat impacts of climate change and promotion of sustainable development practices in Nigeria.

The training programme, which was coordinated by the Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth (SSforGG), a youth-led non-profit organization, was targeted at young people, women, and vulnerable communities.

The participants at the capacity building workshops held at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi on May 18, 2023, included students, youth farmers, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, among others.

In an interview with Tribune Online in Ilorin on Monday, Mr. Azeez Abubakar, the organization's founder, explained that these workshops were specifically crafted to bolster the capacity and resilience of both young individuals and vulnerable communities. Their purpose is to equip them to withstand the adverse effects of climate change and to promote sustainable development practices throughout Nigeria.

He further detailed that these workshops were organized in partnership with Green Energy Mission Africa, an organization dedicated to advancing sustainable energy practices and environmental protection.

These workshops are part of SSforGG’s broader initiative, known as Educate 4 Climate Action, which seeks to raise awareness about the significance of climate action and encourage effective responses to the growing challenges posed by climate change.

Azeez elaborated on the workshop content, mentioning that they covered a wide array of topics such as climate change science, its impacts, adaptation strategies, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and waste management. Participants were also equipped with valuable resources to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily lives, businesses, and local communities.

He concluded by emphasizing SSforGG's unwavering commitment to continue the Educate 4 Climate Action project, while urging other organizations, public institutions, and government agencies to lend their support. He noted that this project aligns seamlessly with Sustainable Development Goal 13, which aims to urgently combat climate change and its far-reaching consequences.

Azeez underscored the critical importance of such initiatives in the face of the ever-growing threat of climate change, emphasizing SSforGG's leading role in promoting sustainable practices and enhancing climate resilience within Nigeria.

Abubakar Shuaibu, the founder of Green Energy Mission Africa, also shared his perspective, emphasizing that these workshops provided a valuable platform for young individuals and vulnerable communities to engage with and learn from seasoned professionals in the realm of climate change and sustainable development. Their ultimate goal is to cultivate a culture of climate resilience and sustainable living within Nigeria.

Shuaibu noted that the workshops attracted participants from diverse backgrounds, including students, farmers, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. He highlighted the interactive, engaging, and informative nature of the training sessions, with participants displaying a genuine enthusiasm and a keen interest in delving deeper into the realms of climate action and sustainable development.

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