Unveiling a Revolution in Food Marketing in Africa: A Joint Effort by Community Action for Food Security Africa and Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth

Join us on a historic journey to transform food marketing in Africa, promoting health, knowledge, and a greener, brighter future.

International Youth Day 2023 Spotlight Campaign - Shortlisted Candidates

International Youth Day 2023 Spotlight Campaign - Shortlisted Candidates and their thematic areas.

SSforGG Founder joined Replanet Africa's Webinar on Empowering Sustainable Choices - Plastics and the Environment

Replanet Africa's webinar on plastic pollution highlighted its impact, effective communication strategies, and transitioning to sustainability.

SSforGG Founder, NCF, AWF, Experts unveil opportunities for youths in green energy transitions

Nigerian youths are urged to pursue opportunities in the green energy sector to combat climate change and foster career growth.

SSforGG empowers young people and vulnerable communities to build climate resilience

Young women in Nigeria have been trained to combat climate change and promote sustainable development practices. The program was coordinated by SSforGG.

Sustainable Africa Initiative unveils Climate Risk Research Challenge - Nigeria 2023

The Sustainable Africa Initiative launched a Climate Risk Research Challenge in Nigeria, engaging student researchers in agriculture.