Unveiling a Revolution in Food Marketing in Africa: A Joint Effort by Community Action for Food Security Africa and Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth

Abuja, Nigeria — October 11, 2023 — Today marks a momentous occasion in the fight for healthier food marketing practices in Nigeria and across Africa as two formidable organizations, Community Action for Food Security Africa and Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth, join forces to unveil the groundbreaking Africa Food Marketing Reform project.

This visionary initiative is founded upon the principles of promoting healthier food choices, safeguarding our children from the allure of unhealthy advertising, and creating a brighter, more sustainable future for all Africans. Together, we are setting the stage for a transformation in how we perceive, consume, and market food and beverages in Africa.

Azeez Abubakar, Founder of Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth, stated: "We are at a pivotal juncture where we can reshape the food marketing landscape in Nigeria. Our mission is clear: to foster a healthier, more transparent food environment that empowers individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families. This project is a testament to our commitment to green growth and a sustainable future."

Azeez Salawu, Founder of Community Action for Food Security Africa, added: "Our alliance represents a united front against the adverse effects of unhealthy food marketing. Together with other Alliance members, we will advocate for evidence-based policy recommendations, engage stakeholders, monitor industry compliance, and empower local communities with the knowledge and tools they need to make healthier food choices."

Key Highlights of the Africa Food Marketing Reform project include:

  • Development of evidence-based policy recommendations for stricter food marketing regulations.

  • A multimedia awareness campaign targeting 2 million Nigerians to raise awareness about the health risks associated with unhealthy food consumption.

  • Establishment of the Food Marketing Reform Alliance, comprising a diverse group of stakeholders committed to advocating for healthier food marketing practices.

  • Robust industry monitoring and reporting mechanisms to reduce unhealthy food marketing violations by 20% within two years.

  • Capacity-building workshops for local NGOs, community leaders, and advocates, enhancing their ability to engage effectively with policymakers and media outlets.

This collaborative effort is not only about advocating for change; it's about transforming the food landscape in Nigeria and across Africa. It's about protecting our children's health, empowering consumers with knowledge, and driving the nation toward a greener, healthier future.

Join us in this historic journey towards a reformed food marketing sector in Nigeria and across Africa, where nutritious choices are accessible, and our collective well-being is paramount. Together, we can make a difference.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth

Media Contact Email: media@ssforgg.org 

Community Action for Food Security Africa

Media Contact Email: info@cafsafrica.org 

About Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth

Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth is a leading climate and environmental organization dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and green growth in Nigeria. Founded by Azeez Abubakar, the organization is committed to creating a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

About Community Action for Food Security Africa

Community Action for Food Security Africa is a grassroots organization dedicated to ensuring food security and promoting healthy eating habits among communities in Nigeria. Founded by Azeez Salawu, the organization works tirelessly to empower individuals to make informed food choices and advocate for a healthier food environment.

About the Africa Food Marketing Reform Alliance (AFMRA)

The Africa Food Marketing Reform Alliance, as mentioned in the project summary, is a collaborative initiative founded by the Community Action for Food Security Africa (CAFS) and Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth (SSforGG). It is a coalition of organizations, stakeholders, and entities that have come together with the common goal of addressing and reforming the marketing of unhealthy food and beverages in Africa, with a starting in Nigeria. The alliance's primary purpose is to work collectively towards the reduction of unhealthy food marketing, which, in turn, aims to improve public health outcomes and food security. It engages in various activities, including policy advocacy, legislation development, awareness campaigns, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, and industry monitoring, to achieve these objectives. By bringing together diverse partners and stakeholders, the alliance seeks to create an enabling environment for healthier food choices and contribute to a positive change in the food environment in Nigeria and potentially other parts of Africa.

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