Zinbuja Agri-Lab by SSforGG

The Zinbuja AgriLab project, driven by Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth Development Initiative (SSforGG), is a strategic 2-year initiative supported by multiple organizations. It aims to empower 32 women agripreneurs and farmers in Nigeria, Congo, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. The project focuses on SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) objectives. By providing targeted training, mentorship, and access to cutting-edge agri-tech tools, this initiative catalyzes the economic and innovative potential of women in agriculture across Sub-Saharan Africa, indirectly benefiting over 3,200 family and community members.

Problem Statement:

Despite constituting 40 - 60% of the agricultural workforce in Sub-Saharan Africa, women in agriculture often face challenges hindering their growth and innovation, restricting them to subsistence farming. The Zinbuja AgriLab project seeks to empower these women by providing essential resources, modern farming equipment, and cutting-edge technologies. Through specialized training, mentorship, and networking, the project aims to uplift women's leadership and innovation within the agricultural sector.


  • Empower 32 women agripreneurs/farmers across Nigeria, Congo, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

  • Drive agricultural innovation by supporting the creation of at least 5 agri-tech startups.


  • Training and Skill Development

  • Mentorship and Networking

  • Access to Agri-Tech

  • Innovation Hub

  • Support for Women Agri-Tech Startups

Impact Measures and Indicators:

  • Increased Crop Yields

  • Financial Literacy

  • Market Access

  • Agri-Tech Adoption

  • Startup Development

The Zinbuja AgriLab project is a SMART approach to empower women agripreneurs/farmers and stimulate agricultural innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa. It not only addresses gender disparities in agriculture but also creates a sustainable pathway for economic growth in rural communities. For partnerships and sponsorship, email us at partnerships@ssforgg.org 

Project Details