Climate Risk Research Challenge - Nigeria 2023

Agriculture plays a vital role in Nigeria’s economy, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). However, the sector faces numerous physical risks, including droughts and floods, which can have severe consequences on crop yields, food security, and livelihoods.

As a first-of-its-kind event in Nigeria, the Climate Risk Research Challenge offers Universities, participating Individuals or Teams a chance to win a portion of $10,000 USD in Prize Money.  Participants will have access to data, tools, models, cloud-compute infrastructure, training, technical support and in-kind funding needed to assess agriculture-based climate risks facing Africa and identify potential solutions needed to win the Challenge.

Calling all pioneers of change! Step up to the Climate Risk Research Challenge, a groundbreaking opportunity that breaks the mold in Nigeria. With a shared prize pool of $10,000 USD up for grabs, this captivating event invites universities, individuals, and teams to take the reins in tackling the pressing issue of climate risks in agriculture.

Unlock the potential within as you gain exclusive access to an unparalleled range of resources. Dive deep into our treasure trove of data, harness cutting-edge tools and models, leverage cloud-compute infrastructure, and receive comprehensive training and technical support. Not only that, but participants also stand a chance to receive in-kind funding, providing a boost to transform innovative ideas into impactful solutions.

Picture yourself at the forefront of pioneering research, conducting vital assessments to unravel the profound challenges posed by droughts, floods, and other physical risks to our agricultural sector. By joining forces and harnessing your expertise, you can pave the way towards securing victory in this inaugural challenge, breathing life into transformative solutions that safeguard crop yields, ensure food security, and protect the very livelihoods of our nation.

Join us today and be part of a movement that will shape the future of agriculture, changing lives and empowering our economy. Together, let's conquer climate risks and usher in a brighter, more resilient Nigeria. The University Outreach Report can be downloaded here.

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