The Ewabili Green Initiative (TEGI)

In the heart of Africa, where the earth's rhythm beats in harmony with the vibrant cultures that call this land home, The Ewabili Green Initiative (TEGI) has embarked on a remarkable journey. This story is one of shared vision, unwavering commitment, and the firm belief that women can lead the way in addressing the planet's most pressing challenge: climate change. TEGI is a coalition of gender lens organisations dedicated to driving positive change within Africa through our innovative initiative, The Ewabili Green Initiative. Discover how we're making a difference in the African continent.


TEGI's mission is clear: to empower and champion women-led projects at the forefront of combating climate change, advancing gender equity within climate action, and creating a sustainable future for Africa and its people.


An Africa is envisioned where women are leading the way in addressing the urgent challenges of the continent's future, and where collective efforts have transformed the African landscape of climate action.

Empowering Africa, One Woman at a Time

TEGI believes in the immense power of women to drive change. This initiative is centered around Africa, a continent known for its rich natural beauty and cultural diversity. It's a place where the impacts of climate change are felt acutely, but it's also a place where resilience and innovation flourish.

The coalition works tirelessly to provide women entrepreneurs and leaders within the climate sector the support they need to turn their visions into reality. TEGI is more than just a fund; it is a movement that combines innovative financing, mentorship, education, and an unwavering commitment to gender equity.

Pioneering Change Through Innovation

The journey has been marked by innovation. TEGI has harnessed the power of crowdfunding, allowing individuals, organizations, and impact investors to directly contribute to projects aligned with their values. This democratized funding approach ensures a diverse range of projects across Africa receive vital support.

What TEGI Does

At TEGI, the primary focus is on providing a range of essential services and support to women-led projects and initiatives in Africa's climate sector. Focus areas include renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, waste reduction, and climate-resilient infrastructure. The organization provides essential resources, funding, mentorship, and education tailored to the African context.

Key Features

  • User-friendly Crowdfunding platform

  • Blockchain Transparency for Trust

  • Women-led Peer Mentorship Network

  • Impactful Grants and Microloans

  • Capacity Building for African Women

  • Women4Climate Tech Incubator

  • Africa Climate Gender Impact Assessment

Serving Women in Africa's Climate Sector

TEGI serves women entrepreneurs and leaders in Africa's climate sector who are passionate about driving change and creating a more sustainable future for Africa and its people.

Collaboration with Partners

The organization collaborates with a diverse network of partners, including donors, organizations, and impact investors, who share a commitment to gender equity and climate action within the African context.

Join TEGI in Shaping a Sustainable Future

Together with TEGI, you can be a part of shaping a sustainable future for Africa. Join this journey, where the beauty of women's contributions and the spirit of progress merge to create a better world for all. Together, you can empower Africa, one woman at a time, and pioneer change through innovation. Visit our website:

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