Nigerian Youth Green Jobs Program (NYGJP)


The Nigerian Youth Green Jobs Program is aimed at addressing a pressing need in Nigeria: the scarcity of skilled individuals in the solar power industry. Solar energy holds immense potential as a renewable energy source, but a critical skills gap exists in Nigeria. To counter this, Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth in collaboration with Asteven Renewable Energy Academy as the Education Partner is launching a comprehensive training initiative.


The key objectives of this program are as follows:

  • Train 20 young individuals per geopolitical zone in Nigeria in solar system installation and maintenance.

  • Train 20 young individuals per geopolitical zone in Nigeria in solar system design.

  • Provide hands-on training to equip participants with practical skills for a career in renewable energy.

  • Raise awareness of solar power as a viable energy source in Nigeria.

  • Contribute to Nigeria's transition to a low-carbon economy and promote the creation of green jobs.

Training Program Overview:

Phase 1: Installation and Maintenance of Solar Systems (3 weeks)

During this phase, participants will receive comprehensive training in the installation, operation, and maintenance of solar power systems. The curriculum includes theoretical and practical elements, with participants gaining practical experience in handling solar panels, inverters, batteries, and more.

Phase 2: Design of Solar Systems (3 weeks)

In this phase, participants will acquire the skills needed to design solar power systems for residential, commercial, and community settings. The program integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on design exercises.

Project Timeline:

  • Month 1: Planning and preparation, venue selection, participant identification, and materials preparation.

  • Month 2: Orientation, training delivery, and initial evaluation.

  • Month 3 onwards: Follow-up, feedback sessions, customer feedback analysis, and progress monitoring.

Promoting Green Jobs:

The Nigerian Youth Green Jobs Program contributes significantly to the creation of green jobs in Nigeria. By equipping young people with the skills to work in the solar energy sector, this initiative not only addresses a skills gap but also fosters employment opportunities in the rapidly growing renewable energy industry. As participants graduate from the program, they become a valuable resource in the country's pursuit of cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. This not only benefits the participants but also strengthens the overall green job market in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Youth Green Jobs Program represents a crucial step in enhancing Nigeria's renewable energy capacity while empowering its youth for success in the growing renewable energy sector. This initiative is organized by Asteven Renewable Energy Academy. By investing in solar training, Nigeria moves closer to a cleaner and more sustainable future, while simultaneously fostering the creation of green jobs. 

Education Partner:

ASTEVEN Renewable Energy Academy is a pioneer in renewable energy training in West Africa. They offer a comprehensive education covering the entire spectrum of renewable energy technologies. Their mission is to advance renewable energy technologies and provide a conducive environment for research, training, and learning for sustainable development. They aim to be a global center of excellence in renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions, offering world-class standards in renewable energy education and certifications.

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Project Details

  • Start Date: 2023-09-11
  • End Date:
  • Clients: Nigerian youths
  • Category: Climate Education