Youth Consultation on Climate Change and the NDC

In collaboration with esteemed partners, including the British High Commission in Nigeria, the United Nations Information Center in Nigeria, the Nigeria Youth SDGs Network, the Global Environmental and Climate Change Initiative, the Women Environmental Programme, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet), and the World Meteorological Organisation, we have embarked on a visionary initiative. Together, we have meticulously co-created the "Youth Consultation on Climate Change and the NDC" in anticipation of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Pre-Conference in Milan, Italy. Our aim is to amplify the voices and perspectives of youth, positioning them at the forefront of the crucial discussions at the Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition summit in Italy.

The findings from the Youth Consultation on Climate Change unequivocally underscore the diverse and profound impacts of the climate crisis on communities across Nigeria. In the Northern region, inhabitants grapple with the relentless challenges of drought, desertification, diminished crop yields, and pervasive hunger. Meanwhile, in the Southern region, the inhabitants contend with escalating extreme weather events characterized by heavy rainfalls and intensified heat waves. These climatic disturbances have taken a toll on children's education, forcing numerous households into the depths of extreme poverty.

Our collaborative endeavor seeks to shed light on these stark realities, mobilize action, and advocate for meaningful solutions. Together, we strive to inspire change, safeguard vulnerable communities, and foster a sustainable and resilient future for all.

We also hosted virtual consultative workshops for the Northern and Southern region of Nigeria, engaging youth through the Nigeria Youth SDGs Network and Global Environmental and Climate Change Initiative. 

*Read a news publication about the initiative here.

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